Qualitative Analysis
Number of Pump Stroke 3
Sampling Time 1 minute per pump stroke
Shelf Life 3 Years
Reaction Principle The substances reduces iodine pentoxide to liberate iodine,which produces a brown or green colour
Colour Change
Substance Conc.
Colour Change 
Carbon Monoxide 10 Green or Brown 
Carbon Disulphide 1 Green
Hydrogen Sulphide 1 Green 
Acetone 1000 Brown or Green 
Acetylene 10 Brown or Green
Ethylene 70 Brown or Green
Gasoline 100 Brown
Styrene 10 Yellow or Brown
Trichloroethylene 15 Pale Brown
Toluene,Xylene 10 Purple
Propane,Propylene 100 Brown
Benzene 20 Brown