Measuring Range
3 to 6% 6 to 24%
Number of Pump Strokes
1 1/2
Correction Factor
1/2 1
Sampling Time 2 minutes per pump stroke
Detecting Limit 2% (n=1)
Colour Change Black → White
Reaction Principle O2 + 4TiCl3 + 6H2O → 4TiO2 + 12HCl
Coefficient of Variation 5% (for 6 to 24 %)
Shelf Life 3 Years
Corrections for temperature & humidity Unnecessary
Store the tubes at cool and dark place.
Possible coexisting substances and their interferences (NOTE)
Substance Concentration Interference Change colour by itself to
Carbon monoxide   No No
Carbon dioxide 40% + No

If more than 40% carbon dioxide is coexisted, the tube reading will be 1% higher than the true concentration. (At 21% oxygen concentration tube 31B indicates 22%.)
Calibration gas generation Dynamic gas dilution method
TLV-TWA TLV-STEL Explosive range
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