testo 340

Rising fuel costs for thermal systems highlight the importance for efficiency monitoring using emission measurements. A practical, user friendly emission analyser for a variety of applications is therefore ideal.

List of Benefits

  • Interchangeable smart sensors
  • Blue Tooth standard
  • Sensor dilution for high range readings
  • Flexible sensor range
  • Connect to testDroid app


testo 340

The new 4-sensor flue gas analyser for emission measurement in industry
More reliability, more convenience and even more parameters...

Testo AG has introduced a 4-sensor instrument making emission measurement easier, faster and more flexible. The testo 340 can be operated with one hand, offering optimum handling for spot measurements in places such as burners or industrial engines.

The testo 340 has a measuring range extension allowing the user to carry out unrestricted measurements even at high gas concentrations. The integrated rubber skin of the instrument protects the product from impact on a daily basis.

testo 340 offers many benefits such as:


  1. The unique measuring range extension feature facilitates unlimited measurements even at high gas concentrations
  2. testo 340 is equipped with an O2 as standard. 3 additional gas sensors can be individually configured at any time so the analyser is optimally adpated to the user's measurement job
  3. Compact design combined with reliable engineering makes testo 340 the ideal analyser for commissioning, service and maintenance work as well as measurements for monitoring purposes

The testo 340 is ideal in the following areas:

  • Industrial burners
  • Stationary industrial engines
  • Gas turbines
  • Thermal processes


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