Your options when conducting a service

Standard Priority

  • Instrument works its way through the job list where instruments sent in for service before it will be serviced first.
  • Standard rates apply
  • Typical turnaround times are 2-4 business days. These times can fluctuate when unplanned site works are required which impact on man power in the service centre
Standard Booking

Advanced Booking Service

  • If your instrument is still functional (i.e just due for routine calibration) and our quoted turnaround time is greater than you require, you can book your instrument in as standard priority but continue to use the unit...similar to how you book your car in for a service and continue to use it until it’s due in
  • Whilst you use your unit it will make its way up our standard priority queue and when it reaches 1 week out from being due we will contact you and require the unit to be sent in
  • There is no additional cost for this service
Advanced Booking


  • If your instrument is not functional and you require it to be calibrated in a time frame shorter than what you have been quoted you can service the unit under a higher priority
  • Queue jumper priority will see your instrument assessed by the next available technician, seeing a turnaround time of typically 48-72hrs
  • There is a $55+GST fee per instrument in addition to the standard service rate
Standard Booking