Accessories Spectrex provides a range of Accessories to ensure that your SharpEye Flame Detectors are installed and operated correctly. 

Swivel Mounting Brackets 

The Swivel Mounting Brackets allow accurate directional selection of the detector for optimum area coverage. These brackets allow movement up to 40º in every direction (even up to 60º for 20/20MI), thus ensuring maximum effectiveness of and accurate location of the detector's coverage area.

Swivel Mouting Bracket

Long Range Fire Simulators 

Long Range Fire Simulators are handheld devices, specifically designed for use with the various SharpEye Optical Flame Detectors to test their response to fire from a distance of several feet (meters), without the need to actually ignite a fire in front of the detector or to reach the detector itself (no physical contact). Read More...

Long Range Fire Simulator

Laser Detection Area Coverage Pointer

Does the optical detector cover the entire hazardous area that needs protection? Has the installer located the detector at the right location and does the detector 's cone of vision cover the most dangerous spot?

These questions can be answered with the use of a simple tool -the new Laser Detection Area Coverage Pointer that designates the optical flame detector 's area of coverage (cone of vision) on-site at the specific installation. This add-on accessory enables the designer and installer to optimize the detector 's location and the actual detection area coverage of each installed detector.

The device comprises two laser emitters, one emitter positioned on the central axis whilst the other emitter is positioned on a rotating lever, at an angle of 45°.The central laser emitter coincides with the detector 's central line of sight and the other emitter rotates 360? to simulate the detector 's cone of vision (90°) thus providing a view of full detection area coverage.

Laser Pointer

Air Shield

Optical flame detectors are often used in highly polluted or dirty areas that force maintenance personnel to access the detector frequently and clean its optical window. The special Air Shield, developed for SharpEye optical flame detectors, allows their installation under tough environmental conditions where they may be exposed to oil vapors, sand, dust and other particulate matter.

The Air Shield allows connection of a continuous compressed air source, directed onto the detector 's external window, which prevents accumulation of dirt or dust on its optical surface. The installation of an Air Shield on the detector reduces the amount of maintenance and prolongs the time between maintenance /cleaning cycles.

Air Shield

High Temperature Duct Mount

Designed to allow flame detection in ducts where high temperatures exist. Comprises a special duct mount arrangement with optical window and heat sink to allow installation in high temperature duct applications. This special High Temp mount can be used with all Spectrex 20/20 Series flame detectors (except 20/20MI or 20/20ML).

High Temperature Duct Mount

Weather Protector

The Weather Protector is designed to protect the detector from rain and snow and direct extreme temperatures from the sun.

Weather Protector