The reliability of the IQ Force™ solution puts money in your pocket and safety into your fleet.

IQ Force rugged multi-gas detectors are simple to use, customizable and reliable – perfect in a variety of industrial applications. Monitoring for up to four gases including Oxygen (O2), combustible gases (%LEL), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Carbon Monoxide (CO), IQ Force serves as a trusted workhorse, protecting workers day after day. IQ Force as a full solution brings you one step closer to advancing your safety culture. Combine the detector with the IQ Force docking station and IQ Management System to take your fleet program to a new level of efficiency, safe habits and overall safety. Whether you need to protect yourself from gas threats or manage a large scale fleet, IQ Force offers dependable operation, effective data mining and customizable options to suit your needs.

Why Trust the IQ Force to Work for You?

The IQ Force is built for the harsh environments that you work in. Designed and rigorously tested for use in the elements and to withstand drops and bumps that occur in a typical work day, the IQ Force keeps you working. The IQ Force saves you time with record-keeping and administrative duties, so you can do more on your job with less effort. Retrieve logged data for a specific incident, or analyze data regularly via the IQ Force Dock and IQ Management System in order to ease management of your fleet, reduce operational costs and enhance your safety program.

Key Features

  • Easy to use:
    • Glove friendly, simple one-button operation
    • Exceptionally easy automated calibration with docking station
    • Optional motorized sampling pump attaches in seconds
    • Field replaceable battery and sensors
  • Data when you need it most
    • Continuous black box data recorder captures a wealth of critical information
    • Extensive datalogging capacity
    • New nested event logging feature
  • Flexible for your needs
    • Set the custom alarm for your site’s unique requirements
    • A reliable detector and more - customize to your needs with pump, dock and IQ Management  System
    • Enhance your safety culture and streamline reportable events with the aid of different latching alarm options
    • Get the right information to the right people with IQ Force’s remote emailing feature
  • Others
    • Water/Dust proof with IP67 rating making unit submersible.
    • Drop tested thanks to rugged industrial design with built-in impact resistant housing
    • Extensive RFI shielding
    • Built for dust, water and temperature extremes
    • Always audible with enhanced beeper
    • A single battery charge outlasts a full shift
    • Vital information at a glance
    • Heart and Pump icons confirm normal operating status of instrument and pump
    • SafetyFlash™ and Security/Confidence
    • Flash provide at-a-glance assurance of safety status
    • Large LCD screen conveys four simultaneous readings, messages and range of intuitive icons

IQ Management System

IQ Force with IQ Management System helps you direct your fleet and your safety program with less effort:

  • You own your data – you can access your fleet information at anytime and quickly find the data you need using custom reporting
  • Get the right information to the right people with IQ Force’s remote emailing feature
  • View and manage your fleet, settings and data including instrument user and location assignments
  • Lower your total cost of ownership while building safe habits, simplifying safety audits and managing your time more effectively

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