SafEye 200

"THIS PRODUCT IS DISCOUNTINUED. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITY." SafEye 200 Series Open Path Gas Detector is a self-contained, fast response optical gas detection system. It detects combustible gases at concentrations lower than the explosion limit (LEL) over a “Line of Sight” of up to 460 ft. (140 m) long.

List of Benefits

  • Proven Technology
  • Cost Saving
  • Fast Response
  • Low Maintenance
  • Standard Interface Options


SafEye is the preferred system for offshore oil companies because it is immune to false alarms caused by partial blockage and extreme weather conditions (fog, rain, snow) and direct or reflected sunlight, flame and other black body radiation sources.

The SafEye system can be factory calibrated to a gas mixture most probable to leak in a specific location. This results in the most accurate gas concentration measurement.

The SafEye is fully functional in heavy fog, rain, etc, that results in up to 90% of the signal obscuration. In a North Sea offshore installation, tested for over six harsh winter months which included very dense fog, snow and rain, the SafEye was fully operational at all times.

SafEye is built for reliability and continued operation under all types of extreme environmental conditions. This is the field experience, which is demonstrated by the SafEye operational installations, ranging from the very humid and hot Far East to the wet and cold North Sea to the dry and cold slopes of Alaska.

The SafEye, due to its special optics design, provides for a misalignment tolerance of ±1° in all directions and is protected against false gas reading and alarms.

The SafEye unique flash source gives a very powerful radiation signal for a very short time, less than one millisecond at pre-selected intervals. This patented feature enables the detector to address only the high intensity and ultra fast signals that correspond to fast changes in gas concentration, while ignoring all other background radiation.

Key Features

  • Proven Technology

Used in highly sensitive areas to detect low gas concentration levels to activate alarms measures only when specific hazardous concentration levels are exceeded.
Thousands installed on offshore platforms, FPSO's, refineries, etc., for British Petroleum (BP), Shell, ExxonMobil, Statoil and others.

  • Cost Saving

One system can replace from 5 to 20 point gas detectors in a straight line of sight, up to 460 ft. (140m). Low cost of ownership, much lower installation cost!

  • Fast Response

Adjustable light source flash rate gives high sensitivity and extremely fast detection time. Also prevents detector going into obscuration when a large cloud of gas passes through the beam.

  • Harsh Environment

Specially designed to perform under extreme conditions such as high-speed airflows, humidity and corrosive gases where point detectors may not be effective.

  • Low Maintenance

High reliability, simple installation, alignment and maintenance, equipment not subject to poisoning.

  • Standard Interface Options

Standard 4-20 mA outputs or RS-485 output to allow networking (up to 64 detectors) to a central monitoring/PC system. This feature also enables easy maintenance, local and remote diagnostic tools.


  • Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration Oilrigs and FPSOs
  • Onshore Oil & Gas Terminals
  • Storage Farms and Filling Stations
  • Petrochemical and Chemical Industries
  • Power Utilities and Turbines areas
  • Waste Processing and Treatment
  • Transportation Terminals

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