Key Features

The use of fire and gas mapping clearly defines the risk and the precautions needed to be able to detect fires and gas releases. The methods used allow the designer to optimize the design and achieve the best possible balance between safety and economy. This practice improves safety and reduces operating costs by ensuring that the number of devices used is minimized while the required level of safety is maintained. All responsible fire and gas detector manufacturers should offer this service.

3D Gas & Flame Mapping

Fire and Gas Detection systems play a crucial role in Loss Prevention on many sites. Formal Safety Assessments such as Quantified Risk Assessments (QRA) often assume that Fire and Gas Detection Systems will reduce risks, yet their design is often characterised as a ‘dark art’; it is often difficult to quantify the parameters involved and until recent times there has been little guidance to define required performance or to relate achieved performance to safety requirements.

Using highly developed assessments methods GasTech’s consultant engineers are able to review and assess arrangements from initial designs through construction and onto existing installations. The assessments are used to optimize and validate designs and maybe used in formal safety studies.

Our highly experienced consultants can deliver studies which are not just about meeting the target percentage. We understand the principals behind design which allow optimisation of the F&G system, in a time where efficiency and optimisation are of paramount importance. Our consultancy engineers will design the systems, as it is crucial to remember that software tools do not design systems, engineers do.