Extension Hoses

Gastec Extension hoses can be attached to the tip of the gas sampling pump (Model GV-100) and used for remote downward measurement in confined spaces, such as manholes, tanks, etc. *When merely the extension hose tip needs to be replaced, simply order the Extension Hose guard rubber (No.357) only.

Extension hoses can be attached to the tip of the gas sampling pump and used for remote downward (30m) measurement. Currently applicable tubes are limited. For the details, please contact GASTEC or Gastec representatives.
*When merely the extension hose tip needs to be replaced or for twin tube operation, simply order the Extension Hose guard rubber (No.358) only.


Gastec Extension HoseGasTec Extension Hose with Pump

Extension Poles

Gastec Extension Pole UsageGasTec Extension poleGastec Extension poles are made of lightweight fiberglass and weighing only 590g, the extension sampling pole has a compact body (62.5 cm) for easy portability and can be extended to a maximum length of 2.8m.

Hot Probe for Emissions Analysis

The hot probe is a cooling device for measuring hot gases (60 to 600ºC / 140 to 1112 ºF) such as exhaust from vehicles and incinerators by cooling them down to normal temperatures. The stability of the device is enhanced when it is secured with the hot probe holder.Hot probe holder (Model 345A) can not be used with Twin-tubes and Oxygen tube.

Pyrotec Pyrolyzer

Gastec developed the Pyrotec Pyrolyzer System to enable the precise measurement of chlorofluorocarbon gases. Ready to use in seconds, the system converts flurochlorocarbon gases or halogenated hydrocarbons (using a process known as thermal cracking) into an easily detectable/measurable gas.

  • For fast and precise
  • measurement of
  • chlorofluorocarbon gases
  • Simple to use – no tools required
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Powered by AA disposable
  • batteries

Simply screw the Pyrolyzer onto a Gastec Gas Sampling Pump and begin sampling - no tools required. Its compact, lightweight design makes it easy to transport and use anytime, anywhere. The Pyrolyzer's high-impact plastic construction is corrosionresistant and rugged. It is powered by AA disposable batteries. To measure, you will need a PYROTEC detector tube, the PYROTEC Pyrolyzer, and the sampling pump. Gastec's detector tubes offer advanced technology, providing more accurate and reliable analysis with lower standard deviation. A direct-read scale printed on each tube means faster sampling time with no confusion, dual scales, or concentration charts. To ensure the highest quality levels, Gastec operates an ISO-9001 certified facility. Gastec products are designed, manufactured, and calibrated to work together to produce accurate results. The PYROTEC detector tubes to use in conjunction with the Pyrolyzer are 51, 51L, 51H, 52 and 53.

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CG-1 : Compressed Breathing Air Measurement Kit

QUICK IMPURITY MEASUREMENT FOR COMPRESSED BREATHING AIR. Gastec CG-1 system can simply, quickly, and simultaneously measure 4 kinds of harmful contaminants (CO, CO2, Water vapour, and Oil mist) contained in compressed breathing air (cylinder or compressor).

  • Accurate simultaneous measurement of 4 impurities (CO, CO2, Water vapour, and Oil mist) in compressed breathing air achieved by simply connecting the device to a cylinder or compressor
  • Easy measurement without any electricity or power source
  • Handy carrying case for storage and easy portability