For Flammable Gas detection, we offer several open path solutions:

    Searchline Excel Plus

    Flammable Hydrocarbon gas detector. The Searchline Excel™ Plus Flammable Hydrocarbon gas detector delivers unsurpassed uptime with robust detection in some of the harshest conditions.... Read More

    Searchline Excel Edge

    Designed for long-range perimeter and fence line monitoring applications, the Searchline Excel™ Edge helps protect your people, facilities and processes from combustible gas leaks. ... Read More

    SafEye Quasar 950/960

    The latest SafEye Quasar open path  UV detection technology includes the 950 and the 960 Series. The Quasar 950 models detect toxic Hydrogen Sulfide gas and the Quasar 960 models detect toxic Ammonia gas, both with path lengths... Read More

    SafEye Quasar 900

    The New SafEye Quasar 900 is an open path detection system which provides continuous monitoring for combustible hydrocarbon gases. It employs “spectral fingerprint” analysis of the atmosphere using the Differential Optical... Read More

    SafEye Duct

    The Duct SafEye Open Path was specially designed and is widely used to monitor and alarm against ingress of hazardous gas concentrations into air intakes of turbine engines and HVAC air ducts. Formation and migration of gas clouds... Read More