Searchline Excel Edge

Push your detection to the Edge. The Searchline Excel™ Edge Flammable Hydrocarbon gas detector delivers long-range coverage and protection for perimeter and fence-line monitoring.

List of Benefits

  • RELIABLE DETECTION : Fast response to flammable Hydrocarbon gas even in low visibility conditions. Advanced diagnostics including window clarity and alignment accuracy to enable maximum uptime and continuous site protection.
  • EASY TO USE : Honeywell Fixed Platform Universal Mount and advanced alignment scope makes for easy mechanical installation. Incorporates Bluetooth® connectivity for simplified, non-intrusive set-up and maintenance. Just pair the Searchline Excel™ Edge with our intrinsically safe, ruggedized mobile phone; then use the Honeywell Fixed Platform App to interact with the detector.
  • HEAVY DUTY OPERATION : Operates in harsh environments to maintain coverage. Advanced transmitter and receiver optics means that monitoring continues in thick fog long after other detectors cease to provide coverage.
  • AT-A-GLANCE INSTRUMENT STATUS : High Visibility LED HALO ring provides clear indication of device status.Automatic reporting with full logging of alarms, events and maintenance actions.
  • LONG-RANGE MONITORING : Longest range site detection for fence line/perimeter monitoring up to 330 meters (1082 feet). Flat response over a range of target gasses; performance approved.
  • MULTIPLE OUTPUTS : Multiple outputs including 4-20mA, Relays, HART®, Modbus and Bluetooth® communication. Easily integrate the Searchline Excel™ Edge into your existing network.



Designed for long-range perimeter and fence line monitoring applications, the Searchline Excel™ Edge helps protect your people, facilities and processes from combustible gas leaks. When mounted at the edge/perimeter of your facility, it provides long-range monitoring and reliable detection in harsh and changing environments for protection and peace of mind.


The Searchline Excel™ Edge’s innovative optical gas detection capabilities cover a longer range and see through even thick fog better than any other open path gas detectors whether NDIR or laser-based.

SpecificationDetail Description
Primary Gases (Performance approved 1, 2) Searchline Excel™ Edge will respond to a wide range of Hydrocarbon Gases as most of these gases absorb IR in the required wavelengths
Range 0–5 LEL.m; for ppm.m equivalents see manual
Recommended Alarm Setting Low 1 LEL.m; High 3 LEL.m; for ppm.m equivalents see manual
Recommended Minimum Alarm Setting 0.5 LEL.m; for ppm.m equivalents see manual
Path Length 60 m to 330 m (196 ft to 1082 ft)
Speed of Response T90 less than 3 seconds
Analog Output Signal 4–20 mA Normal operation, 1 mA Fault*, 2 mA Inhibit, 3 mA Warning, 21 mA Overrange. Linearized 0–5 LEL.m
Environmental Operating Temperature -55°C to +75°C (-67°F to 167°F). DNVGL-CG-0339 Location Class B
Storage Temperature Range -55°C to +75°C (-67°F to 167°F). DNVGL-CG-0339 Location Class B
Power Supply 24 Vdc nominal (18 Vdc to 32 Vdc)
Power Consumption (Average RMS) Transmitter Above +30°C (+86°F) = 3.8 W; +30°C to -30°C (+86°F to -22°F) = 5.6 W; Below -30°C (-22°F) = 11.8 W Receiver Above +30°C (+86°F)= 3.0 W; +30°C to -30°C (+86°F to -22°F) = 4.8 W; Below -30°C (-22°F) = 7.4 W
Output Signals 4–20 mA with HART®, Fault relay, Alarm 1 relay, Alarm 2 relay, Modbus, Bluetooth® (range up to 20 m (66 ft), depends on mobile device and environmental conditions)
Relay Outputs Max. 32 Vdc/ac, max. 2 A resistive load
Humidity 0–99% Relative Humidity Non-condensing. DNVGL-CG-0339 Location Class B
Pressure 91.5-105.5 kPa (915–1055 mBar, non-compensated)
Repeatability ±0.4 LEL.m; for ppm.m equivalents see manual
Temperature Drift -40°C to +65°C (-40 °F to 149 °F) ±0.2 LEL.m @ zero ±0.5 LEL.m @ 3 LEL.m
Warm-up Time Less than 5 minutes (operational), less than 1 hour (fully stabilized)
Internal Battery Cell TLH-2450, 10-year lifetime (replaced only by authorized service)
Weight Searchline Excel™ Plus
Dimensions Searchline Excel™ Plus
Ingress Protection IP 66/67 (Type 4X, in accordance with NEMA 250); Resistance to salt mist and sulfuric atmosphere (15-60 minutes exposure to salt air/mist; 15-60 minutes to sulfuric atmosphere)

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