Using Testo flue gas analyzers, you can achieve particularly accurate measurement results in flue gas measurement, thanks to the highly accurate electrochemical gas sensors. Whether for flue gas analysis or other emission testing – with analyzers such as the testo 350 of testo 330 LL, the adherence to legally prescribed limit values or the analysis of exhaust gas and the saving of costs is no problem.

    testo 300

    The testo 300 doesn't just give you smart operation – the configuration also has that certain something. This means you can choose between... Read More

    testo 350

    The peak of the testo combustion analyser range lies in the 350. An industrial instrument that comprises of a control box and wireless control unit has a highly modular design allowing for a large variety of gases to be used. ... Read More

    testo 340 Diesel Kit

    4-sensor flue gas analyser, ideal instrument for testing diesel engine exhaust gases. Specifically setup for delivering emissions of underground plant to satisfy regulatory requirements.... Read More

    testo 340

    The new 4-sensor flue gas analyser for emission measurement in industry. More reliability, more convenience and even more parameters... Read More

    testo 320

    The new testo 320 is a high-quality measuring instrument for efficient flue gas analysis. Its wide measuring range makes it a reliable partner for eliminating malfunctions and emergencies, monitoring legal limit values or for daily routine work... Read More

    testo 310

    The new flue gas analyzer testo 310 combines simple functions with a high level of measurement accuracy, and is therefore perfectly suited to all basic measurements on a heating system. Long battery lifetimes of up to ten hours guarantee high... Read More