To our customers, suppliers and contractors, I write to you to keep you updated with our measures being undertaken to reduce the impacts of COVID-19.

We have two key priorities:

1. The health of our staff and their families
2. Reducing the impacts on our business, and subsequently your experience with Gastech

It is critical to understand that COVID-19 is a dynamic global pandemic, and our response measures may change. Should this be the case you will be updated.

The health of our staff is being addressed with:

• Communication and Coordination
a. Activation of our Pandemic Disease Management Team (PDMT) for central management of the company response
b. Establishing minimum communication standards for staff

• Social Distancing
a. Modified office layout
b. Increased working from home conditions
c. Day/night shift rosters
d. Restrictions on meeting sizes, durations and locations
e. Work-based travel bans for all staff internationally and interstate (by plane)
f. Restrictions on visitors and couriers to Gastech
g. Implementation of the SafeWA QR Code for rapid contact tracing

• Sanitation
a. Quarantine of goods inwards combined with sanitation before coming into contact with staff
b. Increased sanitation procedures and access to sanitation products for the staff

The impacts on our business are being addressed with:

• Stock Holding
a. Targeting high volume stock lines and increasing stock holding beyond our normal requirements
b. Increased frequency of stocktakes to identify emptying lines
c. Items required for Gastech to setup and service will be bolstered

• Continued Engagement with Customers and Suppliers
a. All departments are operating as normal with respect to outputs
b. Technical Consultants will continually visit our customers (Interstate travel risk assessed before approval)
c. In-house and field service work will continue

What do we need from you?

• Please do not visit any Gastech facilities or engage personally with any staff outside of our facilities if:
a. you have any cold/flu-like symptoms
b. have travelled internationally in the last 14 days
c. you have come into contact with someone in the last 14 days who have tested positive for COVID-19

• Please be flexible with our staff:
a. Be open to more phone or video conference based communication as opposed to in-person
b. Understand that our entire team is as concerned as you about protecting their health and a visit with you would only be attempted with a full bill of health
c. Respect our requirements on you as a visitor to stay within certain parts of our facility or follow certain social distancing and sanitation procedures
d. Scan the SafeWA QR Code (or use our manual register)

• Special note for couriers:
a. Follow our goods quarantine procedures at our facilities
b. Please sign on behalf of our staff members if using your own PDA once they have accepted the goods and have permitted you to do so
c. Only drop off or collect goods, no further access to our facilities or time spent in them is permitted

The modification of any of these measures can only be done with the express, written permission of the PDMT.

Globally we are all in unchartered territory in a rapidly evolving state.

We must work together and respect everyone's requirements to protect the health of people and our businesses.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance. Regards,
Jim Filov

General Manager