Part Number: 72-6300


The DGS-10, our hand-held Gas Leak Detector, specifically designed for HVAC applications is a ‘must’ in any heating engineer’s tool kit. It pinpoints flammable gas leaks in residential and commercial applications and also verifies that the work undertaken is leak free.

List of Benefits

  • Simple, adjustable ‘tick rate’ increases as the sensor tip approaches a leak
  • Audible and visual ‘tick-rate’, fully adjustable
  • Long 400mm gooseneck for remote access LED-Light’ illuminates the tip sensing area
  • High sensitivity provides accurate detection
  • Rubber boot protects instrument

It’s simple to operate! Start by setting the Red LED and the audible ‘tick-rate’ to a background gas level. As the gas concentration from a leak increases so does the frequency of the flashes and ‘tick-rate’. To identify a gas leak adjust the ‘tick-rate’ back to the background level, then move the instrument to suspected areas of higher gas concentration until the leak is detected. The DGS-10 has a long, flexible gooseneck and small sensor head to allow its use in tight, difficult to reach areas. Viewing the area around the leak is made easy with a unique ‘tip-light’ incorporated into the sensor head. After using the DGS-10 simply wrap its gooseneck probe around the rubber sleeve for easy storage and protection. The DGS-10 is an advanced and reliable gas leak detector capable of detecting many flammable gases. Some of the gases that the DGS-10 is sensitive to: Acetone, Alcohol, Ammonia, Butane, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Hydrogen Sulphide, Industrial Solvents, Methane, Lacquer Thinner, Naphtha, Propane, Natural Gas.
SpecificationDetail Description
Power Supply 9v Alkaline Battery
Sensor Solid State
Sensitivity 10 ppm Methane
Warm up Approx 1 minute
Response time Instantaneous
Duty Cycle Continuous
Battery Life Approx. 1000 x 20 Second Readings
Size 77mm x 170mm x 40mm
Weight 450g
Probe Length 406mm

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