If you have purchased a/some D-Guard detector/s that might be affected by this Safety Notice.

The affected product is the GasTech D-Guard part number 65-1010-xxx supplied between 4/7/2011 to 28/5/2014.
An issue has been identified in the manufacturing process of the display module of the D-Guards. A part manufactured by a third party has resulted in an out of tolerance capacitor being fitted.
As the D-Guard is an IECEx certified product, all components have to be within the certified specification if used in a Flammable gas environment.

  • If the D-Guard/s are fitted into a flammable gas environment which has a zoned application the detector must be sent back to GasTech for modification. Affected detectors must be removed from the hazardous area Immediately.
  • If the Detector/s are not fitted into a flammable gas environments you have the option of sending the detector back for modification or to fit the following supplied sticker over the hazardous label as shown.

The out of tolerance component has no affect on the operation of the detector. If you intend to send the detector back for modification please send it to:

GasTech Australia Pty Ltd
24 Baretta Road Wangara WA 6065 Australia.
Att: Service manager