Rapid and sensitive detection of a wide range of gases, including Helium, Refrigerants and Hydrogen. Designed for the search and location of gas leaks, the Panther feels natural to hold in the hand during use whilst frequent operational requirements such as zeroing are effortless.

List of Benefits

  • Internal Gas Table – With a large range of gases e.g Helium, Hydrogen and Refrigerants.
  • Datalogging* – View and export Panther data into Excel, CSV. file or PNG image.
  • Integrated Torch – Used for dimly lit or dark areas.
  • IP44 Ingress Protection – Splashproof protection.
  • Long Rechargeable Battery Life – When fully charged, the lithium-ion battery can last up to 20 hours.
  • Bluetooth* & ION PC Software – Connect to ION PC via Bluetooth and configure a wide range of instrument settings.

The Panther Gas Leak Detector utilises a micro thermal conductivity sensor which offers fast and sensitive detection for many gases. The internal piezo pump offers extremely stable sample flow and makes it highly stable in draughty environments. The Panther has also demonstrated its relative immunity in high electro-magnetic field environments. Using the Panther couldn’t be easier, simply draw the probe along the area that needs checking, then once the leak has been ‘pin-pointed’ the leak rate can be quantified from a variety of measurement units. For applications where the leak-rate requires to be logged, the Panther offers 10 days of continuous logging.


Simply draw the instrument along the area that requires testing at approximately 25mm per second. When a leak is detected, retrace the route at a slower rate until the leak is located. Once the leak is located, hold the instrument over the leak until the measurement stabilises.


ION PC provides the user with the option to create and load new calibrations and download, view and compare datalog sessions. Datalog sessions can be exported as a graph to either CSV. file, Excel or PNG. Users can also search through the internal gas table and select the measurement gas of interest. ION PC allows authorised users to set their preferred settings such as measurement units, display reading, audible, visual and vibration alarm settings.


The Panther can be registered online which extends warranty to up to 2 years. Register your instrument online within one month of purchase to extend the warranty.

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