EUROLYZER STEurolyzer ST - Ergonomic Flue-Gas Analyzer


The sophisticated and redesigned Eurolyzer ST is an ergonomic flue-gas analyzer that is light in weight, and has been upgraded to provide proven state-of-the-art technology, such as innovative sensors for accurate readings. 

The easy to use display offers a status line for specific information on the device and system. This Systronik analyzer is also equipped with a scrolling touchpad. 

Data transfer has been simplified to USB communication, with an infrared interface for the EuroPrinter, to document measured results directly on site.  





  • The Eurolyzer ST is compatible with an array of temperature sensors. Its connector system for K-type thermocouples ensures unlimited compatibility for the use of all types of temperature sensors.
  • The device and its sensors are checked automatically through self-diagnosis, but monitoring of critical values with activated sensor protection for the H2-compensated CO sensor can also be operated manually.



  • The Eurolyzer ST can be used with up to three electro-chemical cells in various combinations, such as O2, CO/H2 (H2-compensated) and NO, with an extended CO/H2 range up to 9.999 ppm.
  • User-friendly operation and handling – Large display



  • Eurolyzer ST flue-gas analyzer
  • Carrying case for accessories
  • Flue-gas sample wand
  • Ambient air temperature sensor
  • Condensate/ filter assembly
  • HP infrared printer
  • AC power supply/ charger




  • Sophisticated technical device for professionals - unbeatable value for the money
  • Can be used with up to 3 electro-chemical cells in variable combinations - O2, CO/H2 (H2-compensated) and NO
  • Extended CO/H2 range up to 9.999 ppm (nominal range 5.000 ppm)
  • Unlimited compatible plug system for various temperature sensors(specified for all K-type NiCr-Ni thermocouples). This connector system for thermocouples (type K) ensures unlimited compatibility for the use of all types of temperature sensors.
  • Individual free programmable configurations for measurement (program macros)
  • True Colour TFT screen displays maximum of 4 respectively 10 readings at a time(two different fonts available)
  • Device and sensors are checked automatically (self-diagnosis)
  • Innovative sensors (no loss of accuracy due to dirty filter elements)
  • USB interface for PC/Laptop/Notebook applications
  • Infrared interface for EuroPrinter and HP-thermo printers
  • Three different units of measured toxicant gas values are available (ppm, mg/m3 and mg/kWh)
  • For all pressure measurements, units can be chosen (Pa, hPa, mbar, PSI, mmH2O, inchH2O, mmHg and inchHg)



  • Bluetooth interface for PDA and laptop computers
  • EUROSOFT PC software available for analyzing and processing the data (Excel and Word compatible) 



Specifications are subject to change

  • Measured Values
    • T.Air - Air or ambient temperature in °C
    • T.Gas - Flue-gas temperature in °C
    • O2 - Oxygen content % volume
    • CO - Carbon monoxide in ppm
    • Draft - Draft in hPa
  • Calculated Values
    • CO2 - Carbon dioxide % volume
    • CO 0% - Carbon monoxide, undiluted ppm
    • Effi. - Combustion efficiency %
    • Ex.air - Excess air value
    • Losses - Waste gas losses %
    • NOx - Nitrogen oxides (optional) ppm - mg/m³ - mg/kWh
    • T.Diff - Differential temperature (TG-TA) °F or °C
  • Others
    • Dimensions: 8.5" x 3.8" x 1.8" (215 x 95 x 45mm)
    • Weight: 1.25 lbs (550 g)
    • Battery type: NiMH - Rechargeable
    • Battery life: 12 hours



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