Testo 325Maxilyzer NG - Robust and Compact Flue-Gas Analyzers



Equipped with a watertight, chemical resistant and corrosion proof case, the Systronik Maxilyzer NG is one the most robust, but still compact, flue-gas analyzers available. 

An efficient gas treatment unit is integrated into the lid of the case, and a Thermo-printer with easy paper loading technology is right onboard.

The analyzer can be used with up to six electro-chemical cells, while the large display screen is capable of displaying up to 10 readings at a time, and measuring in two active levels of display in the Multitasking Mode. 

Powered by a rechargeable battery, this device can be in use for up to eight hours with the display backlight on. Using the external charging unit will ensure intelligent and careful recharging every time.






  • Equipped with an internationally standardized plug system, compatible with temperature sensors of all kinds (specified for all K-type NiCr-Ni thermocouples), this flue-gas analyzer allows for five programmable fuels with all relevant fuel-specific factors entered. 
  • Like with the Multilyzer NG, device sensors automatically perform a self-diagnosis, and monitor critical values with activated sensor protection for the H2-compensated CO-sensor.



  • All readings have separate measurement programs for pressure and temperature, with minimum and maximum measurements displayed. 
  • Units can be chosen for all pressure measurements (hPa, mbar, PSI, mmH2O, inchH2O, mmHg and inchHg), while the analyzer can precisely calculate the efficiency values for all kinds of heating devices and condensing boilers.


  • Memory organization allows up to 100 sets of measurements to be stored in the analyzer, while a USB data interface allows for easy transfer to PCs, Laptops and Notebook applications. A Bluetooth interface is optional for Notebooks and PDA pocket computers. 


  •  Maxilyzer NG flue-gas analyzer
  • Carrying case for accessories
  • Flue-gas sample wand
  • Ambient air temperature sensor
  • Condensate/ filter assembly
  • AC power supply/ charger



  • Robust, watertight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion poof case (IP67, ATA Specification 300, MIL Standard C-4150J)
  • Efficient gas treatment unit integrated in case lid
  • Thermo-printer with easy-paper-loading-technology on board
  • Used with up to 6 electro-chemical cells
  • Large display can display max. 10 readings at a time
  • Light and user-friendly background illumination
  • Almost intuitive user-menu (Easy-To-Use)
  • Measuring in two active levels of display (Multi-Tasking-Mode)
  • Powerful battery can be used for up to 8 hours (display back-lighting included)
  • Intelligent and careful method of recharging battery with external charger
  • Internationally standardized with unlimited compatible plug system for various temperature sensors (specified for all K-type NiCr-Ni thermocouples)
  • Choice of fuels can be enlarged individually with up to 5 free programmable fuels (all relevant fuel specific factors can be entered)
  • Status line displays specific information for device and system respectively
  • Individual free programmable configurations for measurement
  • Measured values order can be configured individually
  • Device and sensors checked automatically (self-diagnosis)
  • Efficient and safe monitoring of critical values with activated sensor protection for H2-compensated CO-sensor
  • Four different units for measured toxic gas values are available (ppm, mg/m3, mg/kWh and mg/MJ)
  • Separate measurement programs for pressure and temperature with min./max. display for all readings
  • Units for pressure measurements can be chosen (hPa, mbar, PSI, mmH2O, inchH2O, mmHg and inchHg)
  • Precise calculation of efficiency value for various heating devices and condensing boilers
  • COmax display for CO peak values
  • Memory organization for up to 100 sets of data (measurement protocols)
  • USB data interface for PC/Laptop/Notebook applications



  • Bluetooth interface for Notebooks and PDA pocket computers up to 100m distances (optional)



Specifications are subject to change

  • Measured Values
    • T.Gas - Waste or flue-gas temperature °F or °C
    • T.Room - Air or ambient temperature °F or °C
    • O2 - Oxygen content % volume
    • CO - Carbon monoxide ppm - mg/m³ - mg/kWh
    • NO - Nitrogen monoxide (Option) ppm - mg/m³ - mg/kWh
    • SO2 - Sulphur dioxide (Option) ppm - mg/m³ - mg/kWh
    • Draft - Draft or pressure inches of H2O (iWC)
  • Calculated Values
    • CO2 - Carbon dioxide % volume
    • CO 0% - Carbon monoxide, undiluted ppm
    • Effi. - Combustion efficiency %
    • Ex.air - Excess air value
    • Losses - Waste gas losses %
    • NOx - Nitrogen oxides (optional) ppm - mg/m³ - mg/kWh
    • T.Diff - Differential temperature (TG-TA) °F or °C
  • Others
    • Dimensions: 10.6" x 9.6" x 6.9" (270 x 245 x 175 mm)
    • Weight: 8.0 lbs (3.8 kg)
    • Gas Connector: stainless steel
    • Communication: USB/Bluetooth (option)
    • Battery type: NiMH - Rechargeable
    • Battery life: up to 8 hours



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