The new flue gas analyzer testo 330 LL visualizes measurement data graphically

Independently of the technology used, every combustion system must function optimally. More than ever, requirement-based heat provision, low energy consumption and reduced pollutant emission are of central significance. In order to be able to exploit existing optimization potential as well as possible, regular testing and adjustment of the heating system is necessary. The new Testo flue gas analyzers testo 330-1 LL and testo 330-2 LL offer even more professional support in this thanks to new instrument functions. 

The new colour graphic display of the flue gas analyzer testo 330 LL visualizes the measurement data graphically: Self-explanatory graphic curves as well as easy symbols and clear colour design ease the analysis of the measurement data considerably.



The flue gas matrix

The central element of the new graphic processing of the measurement data is the flue gas matrix.
In the course of the flue gas measurement, this shows whether the CO and O2 values, as well as other measurement parameters, are in the green, permitted range, and the heating system is thus optimally adjusted.
Thumb symbols instantly show the status of the system. If the CO and O2 concentrations measured are in the green range, the thumbs point up.

Testo 330 User Interface

If the recorded measurement values are not within the optimum range, the symbols of the flue gas matrix provide important information for the required adjustment of the heating system.
Bad combustion – the CO concentration is over the defined limit value, the recorded CO content is not within the ideal range
Measurement value is not acceptable – the CO and O2 concentrations are considerably too high, the measurement values do not correspond to the prescribed norms and limit values
High loss – the O2 concentration is over the defined limit value, the heating system is not working efficiently.

Testo 330 LL User Interface

Understand flue gas analysis at a glance

The advantages of the new flue gas analyzer testo 330 LL:

  • High-resolution colour display for the graphic representation of your measurement data
  • Extended measurement menus, such as Solid fuel measurement and Tightness testing allow comprehensive analysis of the heating system
  • Logger function for easy long-term recording of the measurement curve

The testo 330 LL is the reliable companion –- whether in cases of malfunction or emergency, when monitoring legally set limit values, or in day-to-day maintenance work.

    • Colour graphic display with 240 x 320 Pixel
    • Graphic processing of measurement data
    • New instrument design
    • Instrument diagnosis function uses easy „traffic light’’ presentation to enable comprehensive error diagnosis, diagnosis of sensors and the call-up of instrument information such as the filling level of the condensate trap and the battery status
    • Logger function for long-term measurements
    • New measurement menus: Gas pipe test and solid fuel measurement for CO / O2
    • Pressure measurement up to 300 mbar
    • Reduced follow-on costs thanks to LL sensors with 4 years’ guarantee
    • Life expectancy up to 6 years (O2 / CO)
    • At least 1 sensor replacement is saved in the course of a normal working life
    • Powerful Li-ion rechargeable battery - life: >10 h with pump running, no memory effect, no deep discharge
    • Rechargeable battery can be charged separately and in instrument
    • TÜV-tested according to 1. BImSchV / EN 50379 Part 2 for O2, °C, hPa and CO with H2-compensation
    -40 to +1200 °C
     Draught measurement
    -9.99 to +40 hPa
     Pressure measurement 0 to 300 hPa
     O2 Measurement 0 to 21 Vol. %
     CO measurement (without H2 compensation)
    0 to 4000 ppm
     CO measurement (with H2 compensation)
    0 to 8000 ppm
     Efficiency measurement (Eta) 0 to 120%
     Flue gas loss 0 to 99.9%
     CO2 measurement Display range
    0 to CO2 max
     Option: NOlow measurement 0 to 500 ppm
     Option: NO measurement 0 to 3000 ppm
     Ambient CO measurement (with CO probe) 0 to 500 ppm
     Gas leak measurement for combustible
     gases (with gas leak detection probe)
    Display range
    0 to 10,000 ppm
    CH4 / C3H8
     Ambient CO2 measurement
     (with ambient CO2 probe)
    0 to 1 Vol. %
    0 to 10000 ppm                          
    General technical data

     Memory 500.000 readings
     Weight 600 g (without rechargeable battery)
     Dimensions 270 x 90 x 65 mm
     Storage temp. -20 to +50 °C
     Oper. temp. -5 to +45 °C
     Display Graphics display 240x320 pixel
     Power supply Rechargable battery pack 3.7 V / 2.6 Ah
    Mains unit 6 V / 1.2 A



     Instrument/probe/gas sensors (O2, CO) 4 years
     NO, NOlow sensor 2 years
     Thermocouple and battery 1 year                                        






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