GasTech Australia has used the latest low power switch mode technology for the detection of Combustible gas in LEL and ppm levels.

This unique amplifier has a built in capabilities to be either a 4-20mA source or sink, simply by the positioning of 2 jumpers. It has a head voltage operation from 1.4Vdc to 14Vdc, which will cover the full range of low voltage and high voltage sensors. It is also designed for set gain control for extra low sensitivity for ppm detection.

The use of a precise amplifier and precise offset voltage allows this to be one of the most stable amplifiers on the market today.

Advanced calibration minimises interference between zero and span adjustment, which enables quicker and more accurate calibrations.

Supplied as standard with the proven GasTech 61-0103 platinum twin coil 6V sensor which is highly immune to poisoning including H2S.

All components are low profile surface mount designed for ease of installation and years of trouble free operation.

Key Features

  • Tamper proof construction
  • 5 Year sensor life
  • RFI/EMI Resistant powder coated
  • protective case
  • MTBF 10 years on electronics
  • 10-30VDC operation
  • 4-20mA source or Sink output
  • Simple user calibration procedure
  • SAA certified Exd  IIC T6 IP65

Available Models/ Parts

Part Number
57-7056A Amplifier
61-0103 Sensor

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