A major strength to the GasTech business is its ability to be flexible and solve the complex requirements of its customers. GasTech has a specialist capability solely committed to engineering solutions for your small or large scale project. The Project Engineering team consists of an Engineering Manager with over 30 years’ experience in general and specialised engineering disciplines, including gas & flame detection and a flexible team of Project Engineers, Drafting (CAD/BIM) Technicians, Document Controllers, Hazardous Area (EEHA) Compliance Engineers, Site Installation and Commissioning Engineers and E&I Technicians.

Our flexibility allows the Project team to apply the correct personnel and combination of skills to fit the technical and commercial requirements of your project, while our experience and extensive knowledge base will deliver the superior solutions and outcomes that you expect & for which we are renowned. Our capability is extensive with job applications ranging from small & large building management type systems such as carparks or refrigerant monitoring systems for chillers on fishing trawlers. Mid-size applications include fire and gas system fitted to Tankers, Drill Ships & DP2 / DP3 Class support vessels.

On a significantly larger scale we offer services for major projects such as Onshore Plants and Refineries and Offshore FPSO’s (Floating Production Storage and Offloading), Wellhead and Process Platforms.

Our involvement is right from the start, at the initial FEED (Front End Engineering & Design) stage of the project. We provide product technical advice and specialist gas and flame mapping liaison to ensure compliance with technical, regulatory and project specifications.

We then work transparently to provide F.A.T (Factory Acceptance Testing) on our products and systems right up to practical completion with a turnkey installed and commissioned solution.

These capabilities have seen GasTech placed on the global stage, becoming involved with major projects such as FPSO construction by Samsung and DSME. With production completed to all relevant standards and regulations we are proud to say our presence is ever growing in this space.

Our Project Team appreciates a challenge and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your Project fire and gas system requirements.