gastech g-manager

G-Manager has been set-up to help you manage your fleet of instruments at a time that suits you. You can request access to G-Manager from our website by supplying either a unit number (black and yellow number issued by Gastech) or the instrument serial number (a sticker somewhere on the unit or on the unit screen when it turns on) and email address that has been registered in our portal system. Once submitting a unit/serial number and email address that are registered in our portal the system will send a secure link to your email.

The link provided will last for a set period of time and can be clicked as much as required. Clicking that link will take you to a secure webpage in G-Manager where information is available on all the units we supply or maintain for you. Here you can:

  • subscribe to receive automatic calibration reminders
  • view the service history of instruments
  • view the next calibration due date
  • print out past calibration certificates that Gastech has created

G-Manager was designed and will be continually developed with customer feedback. For this reason it will constantly be evolving and providing you with more information. We are very interested in hearing what additional features you feel will benefit you as well as any other feedback you may have regarding us or G-Manager.

gastech g-track

To ensure communication and transparency with our customers remain high on our priority list we created G-Track. This system allows customers to track the progress of a job (either a service job or order for new product) live. They see all notes associated with the file and can even see what technician is working on it.

When a new job file is opened, for either a new product order or service work a link is created and sent to the file contact. This link can be clicked multiple times and bring the customer to the G-Track dashboard. This shows the customer the progress of the file and all notes that Gastech staff place against it when processing the file. You can keep track using the link to see the job progress and updated information. You are also able to download a quotation and other information if a quotation has been uploaded to our system for your job. Once the file is complete you're sent the closing update which shows the con note number # and courier details. We've provided links to major couriers on the page so you can go straight to their tracking system and find out where your product is on its way back to you!

Gastech G-pro

To enable more efficient transactions with our suppliers we developed G-Procurement. When we submit an order, our system will send a secure link to your order that is located on our G-Procurement system. This link will attempt to log you into our system where you will be able to download your purchase order/s. The order must be acknowledged by filling in the ETA date(s) for each individual order items. You can view and add notes associated with the order. It is very useful to both the supplier and receiver if you add the courier details and consignment note numbers for every shipment to us so we can track the delivery without having to case up details.