Gas and Fire Mapping Now Available at GasTech Australia

The latest in flame detection plus gas and flame mapping in Australia from GasTech!
GasTech Australia is proud to introduce the pinnacle of gas and fire mapping to Australia - hazmap3D
This software enables 3D site wide mapping of:
- fire hazard analysis
- gas dispersion and consequences
- toxic and combustible gas hazards
Not only critical at the FEED stage of the design process hazmap3D is also utilised heavily for retrospective verification, ensuring what has been built will perform accordingly. Combined with GasTech's extensive engineering capabilities hazmap3D positions GasTech as a complete engineering solution in the resources and chemical manufacturing sectors.
Introducing never before seen superior visual flame detection to Australia!
What is visual flame detection compared to traditional technologies?
- Sensors are designed to "see" the actual fire, compared to the detection of
- what is radiated from the fire such as CO2 emissions
- Very limited false alarms
- Ability to detect fires of any type
GasTech has a special engineering division that can assist with projects on all scales, from small building management systems, to involvement in large scale FPSO construction, from FEED (Front End Engineering & Design) to FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) to commissioning and maintenance.
GasTech trading hours over the Christmas and New Year period
Friday, December 22nd, 12pm close
Monday, January 8th, 8am resume normal operations

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