Area Monitors Now Available for Hire!

GasTech's hire fleet has grown with the introduction of Area Monitors and Docking Stations!
Take advantage of the flexibility and increased safety of using an Area Monitor by hiring one today!
Perfect for shutdown work or one off projects, the Radius BZ1 has incredible versatility:
- Detects up to 7 gases
- Available as pumped or diffusion models
- Communicate wirelessly up to 300m
- Over 1 month run time depending on sensor setup
Docking stations are available for all instruments in our fleet to ensure you can keep units regularly bump tested prior to use.
Also available for hire is the entire Industrial Scientific fleet, giving a site-wide portable gas detection solution!
Take advantage of a comprehensive range of single and multi-gas detectors that are available with pumps covering gases like:

O2, LEL, CO, H2S, HCN, NH3, PID (VOC), SO2, H2, HCL, CLO2, CL, NO, NO2, PH3, PH3 (High Range), I-R CO2 & I-R CH4.

In addition to portable gas detectors, our instruments cover a wide variety of tasks including:
Testo 340 Emissions Analysers
Perfect for underground regulatory testing of your diesel fleet
and general stack analysis.
Spectrex Flame Simulators
For fast and easy calibration of UV and IR flame detectors; no more setting up scaffolding or climbing up ladders, just point and shoot!
FLIR Airtec Personal DPM Analysers
Keep up with the industry leaders at a fraction of the cost by being proactive with your diesel particulate management program!
Contact us here with your requirements and secure your hire today!

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