Rapid, accurate detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), within the most challenging environments. The Tiger XT’s photoionisation detection (PID) technology has been independently verified as best performing on the market for speed, accuracy, resistance to humidity and contamination, thanks to its patented Fence Electrode Technology. Its patented Fence Electrode Technology and anti-contamination design ensures optimal performance within humid and heavily contaminated atmospheres, extending run time in the field.

List of Benefits

  • Improved Robust Design – The instrument’s rugged body can withstand harsh environments
  • Large Internal Gas Table – Internal gas table has over 750 VOCs & toxic compounds
  • IP65 Ingress Protection – Protection against a range of conditions and weather temperatures
  • Fast Response Time & Clear Down – <2 second response time, one of the fastest and most accurate on the market
  • Instantaneous Alarms – Bright visible alarms: RED & AMBER with loud sounder (95 dBA at 300 mm (12”))
  • Humidity Resistant and Anti- Contamination Design – Patented Fence Electrode Technology ensures optimal performance and extends run time

The Tiger XT is the most advanced handheld VOC detector on the market with the widest measurement range, accurately detecting gases down to 1 part per billion (ppb) up to 20,000 part per million (ppm). Tiger has the fastest response time on the market of just two seconds, and is as quick to clear down. The Tiger XT handheld VOC gas detector can detect over 750 VOCs and toxic compounds.


The Tiger XT is fully upgradeable, this allows users to add further functionality if required. Upgradable features include Health and Safety mode, PPB Sensitivity, Data Logging, Single Log Only (Push to Log) and Multi Log Only. Tiger XT is fully upgradable without having to return the instrument to the factory.


Typical applications for the Tiger XT include: Environmental Monitoring, Soil Contamination Detection, VOCs in Landfill, Confined Space Entry, Emergency Response, Wing Tank Entry, Medical Gases within Hospitals and Fugitive Emissions.


The Tiger XT can be registered online which extends warranty to up to 5 years. Register your instrument online within one month of purchase to extend the warranty.

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