Welcome to the new Gastech!

You may have some questions about the change…

Why have you changed your brand?

The time has now come to reflect Gastech’s increasing global presence. To help end users and distributors realise our capability extends beyond the boundaries of Australia, the reference of the country needed to be removed from our name.

What has actually changed?

  • Our brand is now Gastech, no longer GasTech Australia which means all touchpoints of our logo; products, building, brochures, website, uniforms etc have been updated
  • Our website is now www.gastech.com although our previous one automatically re-directs to it. We encourage you to change your browser home page to www.gastech.com
  • Our email addresses are now firstname.surname@gastech.com, although all previous email addresses will automatically re-direct to our new ones

Have you been bought or taken over by a larger company?

No – Gastech is still an Australian owned growing family business.

Will your operations remain in Australia?

Yes – Gastech will continue to be an Australian based operation. This also means our current Australian business model will remain the same, with our technical consultants visiting their regions on a regular basis along with local service support offering a wide range of products and brands.

Can I still get my GasTech Australia product serviced by you?

Yes, all products have remained the same (except for cosmetic appearance), our service centre operations continue as normal.

Have your contact details changed?

Only our website and email addresses as mentioned above. All addresses and phone numbers remain as normal.

What does the shield logo mean?

The logo was created as a single symbol to identify all that is Gastech.

The two colours (teal and black/teal and white) used in the delivery of our logo (as well as our product logos) demonstrate the intrinsic element of duality in our business, in that we will always see our business surviving only with the relationships we hold with the end user or our distributors. Without this we have no business.

Do I have to change our trading details with you?

No, Gastech’s legal entity remains the same – Gastech Australia PTY LTD.

Will your activity still come up in my social media feeds?

Yes, our account names have changed, but should not have lost you as a follower. Please double check you are following these accounts:

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