Part Number: 72-2000


SILO•CHEK Phosphine Monitor is designed and built in Australia to detect the phosphine (PH3) levels in stored grain and horticultural products during fumigation.

List of Benefits

  • Simple to operate
  • High accuracy sensor
  • Nil interference to CO
  • Backlit digital display
  • Economical to maintain
  • Rugged ABS case
  • Easily calibrated in the field
  • LCD / LED low battery warning
  • Calibration check kit available
  • Manufactured in Australia

It’s simple to operate! SILO•CHEK is easy to operate with high accuracy and selectivity to phosphine. The sensing element is not interfered with by co-existing substances which have previously caused reading errors in other fumigation monitors. It is robustly built into a small ABS enclosure with a large easy to read LCD display. Its response is linear to phosphine gas and has a monitoring range of 0-2000ppm. This automatic pumped version is supplied ready for use in a padded vinyl pouch with belt/waist loop together with inline dust filter, tubing connector, calibration tool, 9VDC alkaline battery and instruction manual. SILO•CHEK is suitable for use with the latest fumigation systems available and will read accurately down to 1ppm even when carbon monoxide may be present in grain which has been stored for several months. SILO•CHEK will pay back the grower quickly when used frequently during fumigation “on-farm” by allowing the grower to minimise the amount of gas used whilst maximising efficiency of the process.
SpecificationDetail Description
Size145H x 80W x 24D mm / 5.7 x 3.15 x 1 in.
DisplayLarge 13mm 3 ½ Digital LCD
MaterialRobust Plastic Polycarbonate Case
Standard Ranges0-1000ppm or 0-2000ppm PH3
Temperature range -20 to +55ºC / -4 to 131ºF (intermittent duty)
Response Time90% of full scale in just 30 seconds
Calibration Intervals6 monthly (recommended)
Sensor Life Expectancy2 years
Warranty 1 year (limited)
Note*Silo Chek has been manufactured to detect fumigation level concentrations of Phosphine above 1ppm PH3. For Safety applications please contact our Sales team for alternative options.

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