GFM 406 - Portable Gas Analyser

The GFM 406 portable gas analyser makes all work steps as easy as possible for you. Completely configurable, enabling consistent collection of data for improved analysis and accurate reporting. Operation is extremely simple, yet the readings obtained are comprehensive and accurate. The ideal product for biogas monitoring, biomethane analysis, landfill gas analysis, wastewater & sewage treatment and even odour monitoring!

List of Benefits

  • Custom selection gas monitor
  • 6 gas analysis channels
  • Simple reporting - via SiteMan PC software bundle
  • Small portable design - easy to hold in one hand
  • 12-month service interval
  • *LEL 0-100% expansion, only with CH4 + CO2 IR
  • Optional Vane anemometer to measure gas velocity of 0 to 40m/s
  • Optional Short brass probe to measure temperature of -10 to 100°C
  • Expansion balance gas calculation
  • Data logger with USB download



Gas Data equipment has a wide range of internal gas sensors and external attachments, giving you the choice and freedom to purchase your monitoring solution tailored to your operations.


The GFM series supports site operations in the best possible way. Quickly and easily, it captures information in just a few minutes, giving you visibility of the production and quality of the gases.


Versatile, lightweight and easy to use. The GFM range doesn’t require any specialist knowledge, delivering valuable data at your fingertips. A 4-hour charge from flat provides 8 hours of continuous use.
SpecificationDetail Description
Range of Gases DetectedCH4, CO2, O2, H2S, H2, CO (View detailed SensorType, Range, Resolution and Accuracy in the Datasheet.)
Pressure MeasurementsAtmospheric, Static, Differential (View detailed SensorType, Range, Resolution and Accuracy in the Datasheet.)
Optional MeasurementsVelocity, Temperature (View detailed SensorType, Range, Resolution and Accuracy in the Datasheet.)
Ambient Temperature Range-10ºcto40ºc
Protection RatingIP65

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