Part Number: 72-8052-3

IQ6 Express

The IQ6 Express Dock is designed from the ground up to be the easiest dock to use on the market. The dock is configured at the factory with default settings and can be used right out of the box for instrument processing. More advanced users will appreciate the free advanced software and it's in depth functionality.

List of Benefits

  • Automated tests
  • Various configuration options
  • PC Control
  • Multiple cylinder capability


The automatic instrument download feature allows the user to streamline recordkeeping and makes it virtually hands-free. Common PHD6 configurations can be processed by the dock in under a minute, reducing labor and calibration gas expenses.

Compatibility: The system shall be compatible with PHD6 gas detectors.

Configuration options: The system shall be configurable to be used as a stand alone calibration station or to be connected to a PC via USB for enhanced control over calibration and data acquisition during testing. The system is also capable of larger networked setups, where multi-levels of user and docking station exist.

Docks: Each dock shall have an LCD display that will show the time and date, and the status of the instrument currently in the dock.

Datalogging: The system shall be capable of downloading session information when used in conjunction with a PC. Saved datalogger files shall be compatible with Biotrak II software.

Record Keeping: The dock shall be able to hold the latest bump test and/or calibration1500 records.

Key Features

    • Automatic Instrument Identification
    • Automatic Battery Test
    • Automatic Alarm Tests
    • Automatic Bump Test
    • Automatic Calibration (if necessary)
    • Automatic Record Keeping
    • Automatic Ready / Fault Indication
    • Docks can operate as independent calibration stations
    • Docks can be connected to a PC via USB
    • Docks can be connected to a PC via Ethernet
    • Connect the dock to PC via USB Port for enhanced control over calibrations and data acquisition
    • Optional Ethernet connection for Network usage
    • Standard configuration includes four configureable gas ports
    • Multi Gas combination cylinders permit large gas ranges to be utilised

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