End of Life ToxiPRO and PHD6

The time has come to celebrate the successful, reliable and life-preserving 10+ years our beloved Biosystems/Sperian ToxiPRO and PHD6 have given us!

What does this mean for you? If you’re using either of these products and their matching docking stations we highlight the following:

1. Purchases of brand-new units will be possible until June 30, 2019
2. Support for spare parts on products will entirely cease June 2021

This means that if you have a low turnover fleet (not often replacing entire gas detectors for new, or you don’t need to grow the size of it) you can be confident in receiving your current level of service support for some time. If you are replacing entire units more frequently or need to grow your fleet of units, now is the time for us to start talking about how this can be managed in the near future.

As time has progressed since the release of these products, technology in gas detection has evolved and now is your opportunity to take advantage of the latest equipment in the gas detection world. Being the centre for gas detection in Australia enables us to have access to the widest range of solutions in this space, and the first step to achieving this is to let us see what advantages can be gained by improving the level of technology being used. Contact your Technical Consultant, or email info@gastech.com, alternatively you can view the following suitable replacements to the ToxiPRO and PHD6 below:

To see the official end of life notice for these products click here.

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